The Artist’s Hands Take Flight

The Artist’s Hands Take Flight

A pair of hands that appear to have partially missing fingers are displayed as if they form wings.

Wings in Progress 1 from The Artist’s Hands Take Flight

Releasing in February 2024, The Artist’s Hands Take Flight is the first full collection in The Artist’s Hands series.

Two earlier individual pieces set the stage for what is now planned as a long-term project. They began on Ethereum as part of The Early Days collection but were ultimately burned to clear the way for the Tezos editions.

Here’s more on the early history:

The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition

Wash Your Artist’s Hands for #ArtUnderQuarantine

The Artist’s Hands Take Flight follows a different path than the first two pieces. The same range of photos were explored through a GAN and resulted in images that I found both grotesque yet still recognizably related to my own hands.

This project and its ramifications are discussed in a dialogue with Malicious Sheep soon to be released in an issue of The Tickle.

More background and updates on the February minting on Tezos coming soon!