The Artist at Work

The Artist at Work

man's face obscured by mobile phone held sideways like camera

One of the few photos I’m minting as NFTs, The Artist at Work is available via The Early Days Collection on OpenSea.

The Artist at Work, a Selfie Portrait, by Flux Research, is one of a number of self-portraits taken while on a security job that included regular outside patrols. So, yes, it is indeed both a pun and an accurate description of the situation.

The image, like many of my self-portraits, relies on a reflective surface, in this case an auto windshield covered with rain drops. Since my job included parking lot patrols and occasional documentation of damage to parked cars, this piece clearly reveals the context of its creation yet that context is only fully communicated by this brief narrative.

The Artist at Work is a 1 of 1 edition of an original photo taken in 2019.