Looking Back On 2020

Looking Back On 2020

9 weird faces made by clyde

All 5 releases in this edition have been gifted or sold but you can track copies down through OpenSea.

Original Post:
Looking Back On 2020 is available on OpenSea in The Early Days Marketplace.

“Looking Back On 2020 by Flux Research draws on a tradition of self-portrait photography by performance artists, from Hannah Wilke to Vito Acconci, as well as the performance work of Hijikata and Grotowski. Leaving behind assumptions about art depicting beauty, the artist seeks another truth in exploring his own extremes.”

“This work is released in a limited edition of 5. The photographs were taken in 2020 and the final work was minted in March, 2021. The title seems true to our times despite the seemingly disjunctive timeline.”