Wash Your Artist’s Hands for #ArtUnderQuarantine

Wash Your Artist’s Hands for #ArtUnderQuarantine

Wash Your Artist’s Hands was burned and then reminted in November, 2021 in order to associate it with the Flux Art wallet. It rejoins The Early Days collection on OpenSea as the only official minting of this work.

Original Post:
Wash Your Artist’s Hands
is a 1/1 edition from The Artist’s Hands series by Flux Research.

The Artist’s Hands series is based on a number of photographs the artist took of his hands and then subjected to machine learning. The results are then arranged in grid-like patterns.

This is the second NFT created in the series. The first was The Artist’s Hands – Digital Needlework Edition.

Wash Your Artist’s Hands was created April 15, 2020. It was subsequently minted for Digital Hatt Gallery‘s #ArtUnderQuarantine collection.

This image has also been used regularly as a featured image for CryptoArtNet which was founded by the artist.